Orlando, Florida - Full-Contact Sanda, Advanced Men (18 & Over), World Champion

Weight Name Points Location Instructor
Welterweight Giovanni Crisson-Johnson 425.00 Nassau Kent Bazard
Super Middleweight  Warren Holder 425.00 Clearwater, FL Nick Scrima
Light Heavyweight  Joshua Joseph 450.00 Atlanta, GE Shawn Liu
Heavyweight William Brown 425.00 Fayetteville, NC Chris Heintzman
Super Heavyweight Arthur Rivers 425.00 Goldsboro, NC Chris Heintzman
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World Sanda League (WSL)

Our Vision:

  • To promote and preserve the essence and characteristics of Chinese style Kickboxing (Sanda - San Shou)
  • To foster the principles of “Wude” that are at the core of Chinese martial arts: Morality, courage, ethics, loyalty, honor and respect
  • To create and promote a professional environment especially as it relates to the fighter
  • To cooperate with local governing bodies to insure lawful integrity
  • To develop and promote Sanda (San Shou) worldwide

Characteristics of classical Sanda fighting:

One of the primary goals of the WSL is to promote, develop, preserve and encourage the employment of fighting techniques that are intrinsic of Chinese styles. Traditional Chinese fighting incorporates the following elements:

1. Ti –Kicking
2. Da - Striking
3. Shuai - Throwing

It’s the amalgamation and combination of these different fighting skills that have always distinguished Chinese styles.

A polished Sanda fighter must be able to display strong kicking and striking techniques and be able to apply throws, sweeps and takedowns quickly and efficiently.

Note: Na, joint locking or manipulation, is traditionally one of the major aspects of the Chinese martial arts fighting repertoire, however; for safety reasons and to keep the matches dynamic it is not permitted in the WSL.

Join the World Sanda League...It's FREE!!!

The World Sanda League is growing fast and we are looking for representatives in every country and throughout the world.

Joining is free and can be done at several levels:

  • Sanda fighters can join by simply registering in the Fighter's page
  • Schools that offer a Sanda program can be listed by registering in the Schools page

If you want to be a representative fro your country or zone please fill out an application form with your background information and we will give you every consideration.


Our goal is to promote Sanda worldwide and we welcome you to join our movement.

Email: info@worldsandaleague.com for more information.

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