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Are you a full contact fighter? Are you a grappler who wants to develop stand-up fighting skills? Are you already a Sanda (San Shou) fighter? Would you like to become a Sanda fighter?

Sanda (San Shou) is a dynamic form of fighting that incorporates all types of striking and kicking techniques and is renowned for its throws, sweeps and takedowns.

The WSL is looking for Sanda/Sanshou fighters; membership is free but is required to participate in WSL sanctioned tournaments and events.

Simply fill out the fighter information form below to register. Once you are registered, in order to remain eligible, fighters are required to participate in at least one WSL sanctioned event each calendar year.

Please email us a picture of yourself in a fighting posture (upper body only).

Please Note: We are only accepting fighters that fight Sanda/Sanshou.

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